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Let's Connect the Dots

It's an absolute blast and privilege to tell stories for a living. Whether on TV, radio, or in print, learning about how others live and work is my favorite thing. And, just in case you'd like to poke into my life, here are some random facts. Let's connect the dots... and keep the conversation rolling.

I was named after a girl my mom used to babysit for. (She must have been awesome!) "Shout out to the other Nicole! Hey, girl!" 

I was shy as a child. Fun and funny with my pals, but in the classroom... look out for the very quiet girl. Then I'd get home and write stories and poems and full screenplays and boss the neighbor kids around. I led a double life.

I sip iced tea everyday. Wherever I am, I will find it. Any problem in the world can be solved over a cup of tea.

I love doing laundry. Adore it. The warmth, the smell, hanging up clothes by type, folding. Anyone need help with chores? Just call me Snuggle. 

Surprising people might be my favorite past time. I wish I could do more. Whether it's a sweet note hidden somewhere or doing something funny when I open my front door, surprise parties or funny videos or hiring that Bon Jovi impersonator to surprise my mom at work on her birthday, if I can surprise you... trust me, it's just as fun for me.  

I randomly sponsor dogs on the Oregon Humane Society's website. If there is a cute Chihuahua in need of a home, I break out my VISA and make sure he has food for the night. 

I love history. Take me to a museum. Let's watch a special on the pyramids? A walking tour? Yes, please! Once, as a kid, I saw Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers and could not believe my eyes. Right there! Bam!

My little shoulders are always tight. I'd have a massage every night if I could. Everyday feels like I'm wearing a heavy backpack when I'm not. I don't complain about my chronic back issues, but just know I'm carrying around about five imaginary textbooks at all times. 

Photos of me traveling with people I love is the only thing I hope to collect in my lifetime. I've been getting rid of so many material things. Ta-ta old crap, hello to learning on-the-go. 

I love terrible Lifetime movies. Bad acting, plot lines where the favorite teacher loses her mind, yes! I will stay up late at night to finish these plot lines from 1999 C- scripts. Terrible chemistry and lots of loopholes? Yay!

I'm sentimental. I genuinely care about people. I remember all sorts of non important things and my friends call me "the historian."

I don't really branch out with new restaurants that much. Probably because I'm not a foodie. Sure, I'll go, but you make the reservations. Otherwise, I'll just be over here at Gubanc's or Hunan Pearl happy as a clam. 

I love a larger than life persona — Dolly Parton, Cher, Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Just absolutely fascinated by what it would be like to have your persona walk into the room before you.

I love real estate. If anyone ever wants to just drive around and look at open houses, I'm game — and will bring snacks. Watching HGTV, going on neighborhood tours, making a room more beautiful than it was found? Please! There's no place like home. And I love brownstones in New York City. How I'd adore living with those many stories, in-home libraries, and wood-wrapped walls and chandeliers.

I like clean hands before eating. Ever seen me eat chips at a Mexican restaurant if I haven't washed my hands? I legit will eat the chip, but not the part that touched my hand. I end up with lil chip bits leftover in a pile. 

I have recorded two albums and sing every day. 

When I'm really concentrating on something — typing, writing greeting cards, passing someone on the freeway, taking a test, watching a freaky movie — I bite my tongue like I'm chewing a stick of gum. At the end of some days I can tell how much concentrating I did by how sore my tongue is. Bizarre!

Nearly everyday at 3:11 p.m. I randomly look at the clock. This has gone on for 20 years. What does this mean? Just looking at that number is oddly comforting. It's like my afternoon friend. 

I someday want to have a red phone booth in my house, like the ones from London. It would be in the corner. It would be a pop of color and a cute little booth with an old fashioned working phone or maybe some bookshelves. 

Dream job? Balancing TV work and writing books. I will majorly disappoint myself if I don't publish a book in the near future. It's taking up all the space on my laptop and brain. Every day. 

I type really fast. I'm sort of a court reporter. 

I fall asleep at least once a week with my fireplace on, all the lights on, my jeans still on and no skincare routine. Then, I always wake up at 4 a.m. thinking the house is on fire, my face is breaking out and wondering why my legs are so sweaty. 

I love cars. Take me to a classic car show. Take me to look at cars. Let me sit in your car with heated seats. I will be a happy girl. Do I know anything about how a car works? Not really, but I find them sexy and would park a 1964 1/2 Mustang in my living room if I could. They are the most beautiful, functional art. Plus... 

I love to drive. If I could drive to the Grand Canyon or on a cross country road trip right now, I would already be down the street. I should work for UPS at the holidays and deliver only the little, light packages with jewelry inside. Everyone wins. 

I have had surgeries and medical procedures of all kinds and had to have stitches five times. A few years ago, the anesthesia hadn't worn off just yet so there is this video of me completely out of it kindly thanking all of the nurses, hugging them and inviting them to The Olive Garden for dinner. That was before I did my impersonation of a T-Rex walking.

I hold myself to high standards. I am loyal, honest and ethical. I don't always do the popular thing, but I try to do what's right with the people in my life. Thank you, Grandpa, for helping us ladies know our worth. 

I have two streets in Oregon named after me. It's fun to have a developer in the family. I visited Nicole Drive last summer and had some passers by snap a photo of me with the sign. "I'm Nicole, like, this Nicole."

I believe gratitude is the best attitude. So thankful and constantly surprised. I'm spiritual. I believe in magic, because I create it.

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